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Pretty much everything!

Pretty much everything! Friendly staff, superior quality instructors, well-stocked changing room and well-conceived benefits for members. It’s an oasis of serenity mid-Boulder.

Christian G.

Sincere, authentic and intelligent!

The two owners were so friendly and beautiful…I was greeted so warmly the moment I entered the studio! Their teachings were so sincere, authentic and intelligent! Great hands on assists! The way they co-taught was poetry in motion! I can’t wait to return on a Saturday morning and take their class again!:)

Jennilee Toner

The class was just what we needed!

I just wanted to rave about Heidi Beachley. She offered a Yin Yoga with hot stones to my team and I at Lucy Activewear. Her class was incredible! Not only is her voice very soothing, but the mantra she shared during the class was a great start to the weekend. I felt so relaxed and appreciated her adjustments. The class was just what we needed to unwind from the week. We love Yoga Pod!

Amanda L.

Yoga Pod Boulder, Welcome to your yoga home!

When I walked into the Yoga Pod in Boulder a few weeks ago I was greeted by three smiling faces behind the front desk. Wow! I could tell right away that I wasn’t just walking into a new yoga studio but a new yoga home. Experiencing an immediate connection to your teachers and the people around you is so important. Why? Because it’s a place where I become vulnerable on my mat and working my practice (If i’m doing it right) and we all wonder if our class is a safe place or if it’s free of judgment. Yoga Pod is. The teachers accommodate my exploration and individual freedom within the guidelines of what they are teaching. The experience is an organic one and is not forced but intimate and joyful.
The Boulder Yoga Pod is A place to experience self expression along side some really wonderful people who are dedicated to learning and exploring on their mat. It offers a variety of teachers and classes but the magic to this beautiful studio is not just the mountains in the vista but the community feel that I didn’t expect. It’s an added bonus that happened almost instantly. I’ve already made friends and really feel like i’ve found my yoga home. Thanks, Yoga Pod. ~Kristina 🙂

Kristina Graber

I like 60 minute classes, not too many studios have 60 minute classes. Also, the studio is not judgmental at all. I also like the variety of classes. All of the teachers have been excellent, helpful, welcoming, and nonjudgmental. The studio is clean and the atmosphere is comfortable.

Jeanette Domber

I smiled throughout a demanding but beautiful class

As a visitor to Boulder, I looked for classes via the internet. Yoga Pod offered more options than most locations and without a great deal of knowledge about the studio I went to Yoga Pod because of the flexibility it offered me. What I found was a welcoming environment, genuinely kind and friendly people who greeted me and a truly exceptional instructor. I smiled throughout a demanding but beautiful class. A teacher’s skill, kindness and inner beauty make all the difference. I felt great walking in and was floating by the time I left. I’m not exaggerating. Thank you to Rob Loud who is clearly a very loving master teacher.

Lisa Jindrich

It’s a special place!

Yoga Pod has offered me so much over the last 6 months from top-quality classes to (now) a full curriculum of teacher training. The studio is always clean and welcoming and the teachers and owners alike are always present and willing to engage with anyone about anything. It’s a special place!

Travis Moe

Strong, and unique, teachers

I have long loved the environment of the Pod. It is well run, clean, and they do a fantastic job hiring strong, and unique, teachers.

Kurt Gutjahr

Genuine, supportive, playful, wise

The classes are challenging and fun and bring out the best in everyone. Wonderful group energy in class and throughout the entire studio. I have taken a class with Kiera and Rob so far and they were both very genuine, supportive, playful, wise.

Robyn Knowlan

Clean, open atmosphere. Yoga rooms and changing room is always nice and clean. I appreciate being a Prema member.

Lauren Horwitz

Yoga Pod is a clean, friendly, and peaceful environment with fabulous teachers and class offerings. I am so thankful to be a part of the Yoga Pod community!

Kate Klotz


All of the teachers are incredible an everyone is so nice! I LOVE YOGA POD!!!!

Maggie Boissard

In order of importance:

The instructors are fantastic (and not pretentious, which is a huge plus for someone like me who is kind of terrible at yoga).

The class offerings are great – both the variation of classes (HVF, SHB, YogaTone), and the volume of classes offered. I sneak out of work early on Fridays to make it to Matt’s Sweat, Heat & Beatz class, because it’s just the best, and makes my week. Everything is better when I’m in that class.

The locker room amenities are a really nice bonus. I’ve taken advantage of the complimentary hair ties a few times.. Hot yoga without those would be less pleasant.



The teachers are very inspirational. The yoga pod is very good at letting you push your self but also not to the point where you think, when is this going to end? The design of the studio is also very modern and peaceful!

Alex Costanza

They focus and support customers at all levels of Yoga experience

Yoga Pod staff is incredibly knowledgeable, and engaging. They focus and support customers at all levels of Yoga experience and make everyone feel welcome and accomplished in their practice. The facility also is very clean and comfortable. Excellent business.

Cindy Chavez

A very welcoming space to practice

The studios are filled with light, the space is colorful and inviting, the teachers are all professional and approachable. It is a very welcoming space to practice.

Taylor Anderson

Price is the best in Boulder

I LOVE your space! Modern, super clean, such a diversity in styles of instructors, rad classes and workshops, and the price is the best in Boulder. It just oozes good mojo!

Sylvia Ferrero

Instructors are knowledgeable and bring their own uniqueness to each class. No two class is ever alike. I enjoy the variety of class type offered as well. The space is clean, relaxing and a nice compliment to the classes themselves.

Anna Carvill

There’s a class for everyone

There’s a class for everyone. All of the teachers are so knowledgeable, patient and kind.

Zoe Tomar

I am new to yoga and took the first class of the current Yoga 101 workshop. I really appreciated the detailed instruction of what one should feel during each pose in order to perform them as intended. Cali was excellent!!

Jackie Morin

I loved the environment I was welcomed into. It was warm but professional and a great experience.

Tatiana Armstrong

I was impressed!

I started Cali’s intro class yesterday, and she was amazing. She was so thorough, passionate, and made it so I didn’t feel intimidated at all! 
Your space in general is so lovely. The colors, the cleanliness, I was impressed!

Molly Savory

I love the variety & quality of instructors & classes that are offered. All Star line up: Gina Caputo, Matt Kapinus, Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate….what more could a girl ask for!

Kristy Morgan

Great teachers who have consistent classes, alignment/safety discussion, nice rooms, good lighting, friendly staff, clean locker room, delightful blue floors, pretty good membership price for Boulder, and just generally extremely kind and friendly. Thank you!

Sarah Wagner

I always feel welcome at Yoga Pod. I love the humor and joy that the teachers instill in my practice.

Darla Upchurch

I really enjoy the variety of classes offered at any given day and time. I also appreciate the enthusiasm and competency of the teachers at Yoga Pod.  And finally, the space and amenities in the bathroom make it very comfortable and easy to get in, take a shower and get out quickly!

Rebecca Dumas

Very nice, welcoming instructors
Very clean and nicely laid out studio 
Plenty of space in the classroom 
The instructor was awesome – very fluid in his delivery, kind and not intimidating.

Becky Clough

I love the atmosphere! The instructors are top notch. It is a great studio with a good variety of classes and disciplines to choose from. Love it.

Kelly Burton

Loved it!!!!!!!

Great front desk reception.  Very clean and well organized for all.  Loved the energy in the room.  Live music in a class is new for me. Loved it!!!!!!!

Win Park

Beautiful practice space, warm employees, wide variety of classes and excellent teachers

Kelly Panzeter

There’s nothing not to like about Yoga Pod

There’s nothing not to like about Yoga Pod.  It is an exceptional and superb house of yoga.  I like everything in Yoga Pod, every service, the teachers, the wonderful owners (and teachers), EVERYTHING!  I am very fortunate to be part of the community of the Boulder Yoga Pod and love to practice always when I am in town.

Francisco Pinto (Maui)

High-quality experience

Very kind and helpful instructor.  He was very warm and welcoming to me as a beginner.  Overall,Yoga Pod provides a very positive and high-quality experience. 

Alexis Lopez

The environment is very nice and very clean. I really like how there are so many different classes every day, and that there are 3 rooms in the studio. The instructors are very nice and encouraging during practice.

Chandra Hays

Wonderful energy

Clean, very well organized, great hot yoga. Locker rooms are pristine. Wonderful energy.

Felipe Vaz

Fresh inspiration

Fresh inspiration. Wow, love seeing full expression of difficult poses.

Temple Hay

I love the environment. The front desk employees and the instructor I had were all very welcoming and friendly.

Carly Brown

Options, lots of classes, times, and teachers. Clean studio and big locker room is nice.

Annaliese Seidel

I learned so much!

I loved the prenatal workshop! I have been attending “regular” yoga classes, and I learned so much about how to make adjustments for myself and baby. It was also wonderful to simply be around so many others feeling similarly and have the freedom to talk and hear about so much more than the physical act of being pregnant! Thanks and Namaste!

Leah DeCapio

Love the facility – and love the teachers even more

Love the facility – and love the teachers even more. I have taken classes with Jeanie Manchester and Shannon Paige and Gina Caputo and Nancy Kate Williams — and they are without a doubt some of the top teachers in the country. And you have them at YogaPod. Such a pleasure to take classes with them, and – I always come away with something that will deepen my practice. So – great to have them at YogaPod.

Steve Abel

Clean and inviting

The quality of teachers! They have expanded my practice and helped me take it to a new level. They are amazing! The studio is clean and inviting. Great parking underneath.

Stephanie Baer

I always want to come back

The flexibility that the yoga pod gives the instructors to teach within their own style is why I always want to come back 🙂

Courtney Sanders

Unpretentious atmosphere

Love the rooms, love the instructors-ESP Matt K. Nice low key unpretentious atmosphere. Carries over to the attitudes of the people who come to practice. No attitude here

Sue Butcher

Welcoming and non-judgmental

The environment was welcoming and non-judgmental. As a beginner, I felt very comfortable.

Meredith Ward

A sense of true community

I absolutely love the safe environment of Yoga Pod. The minute you set foot into the entry you are welcomed, and feel peaceful. Not only is Yoga Pod a brilliant and beautiful place to practice yoga, but the people there create and foster a sense of true community. The level of trust and self-acceptance at Yoga Pod is unparalleled, and I feel that I can truly learn about myself and grow as an individual with the instructor’s guidance.

Kate Dow

Really enjoyed Restorative

I attended Restorative last night. It was the best restorative yoga experience I’ve ever had, and I definitely would prefer more of this over yin. I have a chronic health condition, and other types of restorative have often made me feel worse rather than improved. Shannon Paige is astounding in her teaching and guided meditation, and she was so welcoming and loving. I would actually consider a membership to your studio if Shannon had more than one Restorative class a week on the schedule. The studio is really nice, but I think it’s your people that make it special.

Ryan Basil

Best in Boulder!!!

Awesome facility always clean, great teachers, great classes! Best in Boulder!!!

Megan Robertson

Hot Yoga!

Wonderful hot yoga class on Sunday! Great way to WRING in the New Year.

Donna Whitesel

I smiled all the way home!

Haven’t been to yoga in too long and just finished Nicole & Gerri’s hot class. What an amazing one! Even though I won’t be able to walk tmrw bc I’ve been a slacker (& it was tough), it was worth it! Thank you & can’t wait until next time. I smiled all the way home

Kelly Burnham Ferrero


I like the down-to-earth and welcoming energy in the studio. I always feel encouraged, safe, and free to improve my practice. The teachers have very insightful meditations and cues and the classes are always fun and challenging!

Elizabeth Amann