Yoga Pod Owners –
Nicole & Gerry Wienholt

Gerry and Nicole Wienholt We’re excited that you’re getting to know a little bit about us through our website. Our hope is that, through the pages of this site, you may glean at least a small sense of what our amazing Pod Community is all about.

Our beautiful studio is nestled at the base of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. We believe that the view and the yoga experience will entice you to visit often, lingering before and after class to interact with our wonderful community of students and teachers.

We’re striving to redefine fitness with transformational yoga that celebrates diversity, promotes friendship, and builds a strong community. We offer classes to suit all levels – for beginning students and intermediate to advanced practitioners. We believe that there is no perfect body type and that sustained fitness comes from an understanding of how body, mind, & spirit work together to build connection, commitment, and community.

We truly feel that our yoga room is the canvas and our students and teachers are the color and the art that completes the masterpiece.

Everyone is welcome and we’d love to see you!

We hope you join our vibrant yoga community!

Nicole & Gerry

Our Mission

To create a vibrant yoga community, where each student can rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind, and replenish the spirit.

Our Vision

We offer quality, inspired yoga taught by remarkable, passionate teachers, in a peaceful and pristine environment, to ensure a transformative experience for all.

Our Values

Beliefs we hold in such high esteem, significantly affecting the way we speak, think, and act: Community, Authenticity, Diversity, Excellence, Abundance, Love, Fun!

Our Studio Manager –
Laura Klimek

Laura KWhen I moved from Massachusetts to Colorado in 2011, on my own with no plan, I was simply looking for a place where I could go to do yoga. I had no idea that I would not only find a studio where I could practice – but also find roots. Starting out as a Karma Yogi, cleaning the studio and practicing as much as I could, Yoga Pod gave me a sense of belonging in a place where I didn’t know anybody and was just getting to know myself for the first time away from the familiarity of home. As this humble beginning evolved into the position as Kavi, I could not feel more blessed and happy to be a part of this family and bask in this culture & community daily.

The community at Yoga Pod is inspiring. From the get go I knew that I had found someplace special and that feeling is what kept me coming back to practice again and again, creating amazing connections and relationships. Being at the studio, interacting with students and our amazing, knowledgeable teachers brings me so much joy and contentment and I hope it shows! I am so honored to have a role in making this environment a sanctuary, the way it was to me!

Never hesitate to reach out, I’m always ready to connect with our students and community about anything – questions, concerns, or just to say hello and talk about your day!

Much Love,


The environment is very nice and very clean. I really like how there are so many different classes every day, and that there are 3 rooms in the studio. The instructors are very nice and encouraging during practice.

Chandra Hays