Alignment & Adjustment Workshop

with Keith Allen & Jim Heafner

Want to get deeper into your practice?

Join Keith Allen and Jim Heafner for a 90-minute Yoga class with a heavy emphasis on adjustments, posture, and alignment. The class will be a thorough Vinyasa practice with specific postural cues taken from their new book, The Yoga Fix. Adjustments will be given throughout the class with a focus on helping students better understand each posture and progress deeper in their practice.

This all levels class is designed for both those suffering from injuries and those looking to prevent future problems.

Key Learning Points:

Alignment – Anatomy – Sustainable Practice – Injury Prevention


Saturday September 9th, 2017


2:30 – 4:30 pm



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There’s nothing not to like about Yoga Pod

There’s nothing not to like about Yoga Pod.  It is an exceptional and superb house of yoga.  I like everything in Yoga Pod, every service, the teachers, the wonderful owners (and teachers), EVERYTHING!  I am very fortunate to be part of the community of the Boulder Yoga Pod and love to practice always when I am in town.

Francisco Pinto (Maui)