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Nicole Wienholt

PodHot Ambassador

Nicole is the owner of Yoga Pod Boulder, and Co-Founder of the Yoga Pod Franchise, with her husband Gerry. Nicole’s love of Hot Yoga began years ago and has resulted in gallons of sweat and a deeper passion for this beautiful, mindful and focused ritual! Nicole’s love affair with yoga began in 2000 and her specific passion for Hot Yoga was found shortly thereafter, leading her to complete her first 200-hour teacher training in 2007. Three main reasons why PodHot is so addicting and rewarding: the detoxification through sweat and flushing of internal organs; the mental focus required for long holds in heat and humidity; and the use of breath to keep you calm and centered. As a regular practitioner and a teacher of PodHot, Nicole feels it’s extremely rewarding to observe the individual improvement, as a student and teacher, from class to class.

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Jim Heafner

Physical Therapy & Anatomy Ambassador PT, DPT, OCS

Jim earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Saint Louis University. He is a certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and trained in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and Functional Movement Screening (FMS) systems. His educational and clinical background have made him an expert in manual and manipulative physical therapy as well as functional movement. When Jim is not treating patients in the clinic, he focuses his attention on educating fellow physical therapists in the profession, teaching manual therapy courses across the country.

As the Yoga Pod Physical Therapy and Anatomy Ambassador, Jim teaches the 'Anatomy of Yoga Injuries' module, which focuses on educating yoga teachers on movement, injury, and anatomy. He is an avid yoga student at the Yoga Pod in Boulder.

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Nafisa Ramos

PodFlow Ambassador

Nafisa has been teaching yoga since 2004 and is one of the original creators and continual developer of Yoga Pod’s Seva 200 hr Teacher Training. Her PodFlow classes are challenging with focus on krama and principles of alignment, but most importantly she encourages her students to tune in to their own personal needs and practice from the heart. Her studies and trainings consist of a variety of yoga styles/traditions and she brings a creative element to her teaching stemming from all of these influences.

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Laura Hobbs

Social Media & Content Management Ambassador

Laura's social media adventure began in 2010, when she started a Facebook page for the little yoga studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas where she taught hot vinyasa flow. After moving to Boulder in 2011, Laura joined the Yoga Pod Boulder team as one of the first social media ambassadors. She also worked as the social media community manager for Gaiam TV until 2014, when she ventured out on her own. Laura is the owner of Darling Creative, a nano agency that helps small businesses find their online voice and build their brand.

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Amy Harris

PodGentle & PodYin Ambassador

Amy Harris is a former ballerina with a Masters in Spiritual Science. Her years of exploring physicality and spirituality set her up to be a lover of all things yoga. For Amy, yoga is a container to explore what it means to be human. Her style of teaching is ripe with fun transitions while holding a deeply meditative space; allowing for transformation inside and out. In a world demanding us to go go go, Amy gives space for gentle loving truth to arise.

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Dan Carbonell

YogaTone Ambassador

A life-long athlete, Dan first came to his yoga mat to build core strength and increase flexibility. He initially gravitated towards vinyasa yoga and quickly realized the practice's benefits extend far beyond the physical body. Along with an interest in the contemplative nature of yoga, Dan remains committed to physical health and fitness. He loves YogaTone for its ability to strengthen and balance a yogi's body and practice. He also enjoys building community through the teaching of fun and light-hearted YogaTone classes.

Keira Cristobal

PodRestore Ambassador

Keira has been teaching yoga since 2006. She has been a certified yoga therapist since 2012, is a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado, and is currently working towards her licensure as a body and dance/movement therapist. Keira’s extensive training in the field of body-mind connection has allowed her to better understand the importance of restorative yoga. While Keira enjoys teaching a variety of yoga styles, she feels passionate about slowing down the body and mind in the practice of yoga, in order to better create space for health and healing from the inside out.

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Keith Allen

HotVinFusion Ambassador

Keith’s mission statement is to guide others to believe in themselves, find freedom, and achieve greater peace of mind, through their own unique yoga practice. His love of yoga began on his first overseas trip to Africa in 2006. Since then, yoga and travel have led him to deepen his passion for this ancient practice around the world. Keith began teaching vinyasa yoga in 2011 and in 2013, Keith completed Yoga Pod’s Hot Teacher Training in Boulder. The combination of a physically demanding yoga practice combined with heat, make HotVinFusion a perfect blend of poise and mindfulness. The detoxifying release, physically, mentally, and emotionally, make this offering something Keith is excited to share with students each week. For Keith, yoga is about connecting deeper to who we are and leaving the practice happier to be alive.

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Lindsey Long

PodBarre Ambassador

Lindsey is a connector and an energized spirit.

She believes that moving meditation can help her students achieve focus, clarity and strength, and can also develop their own uniqueness on and off of the mat. She has a dynamic background as a state champion athlete, dancer, marketing and sales guru, and country girl, influencing her fun and accessible teaching style.

Lindsey graduated from the University of Tulsa, and has over 475 hours of training that spans barre, yoga, group fitness, as well as pre and post natal work. In addition to teaching, she is also a barre teacher trainer and the barre ambassador for Yoga Pod, Inc. Lindsey has a particular love for barre fitness because of the deep strength and flexibility it allows her students to build in an upbeat and fun, yet safe and effective way.

When not teaching, training, or perfecting playlists, you can find this nurturing Oklahoma native chasing her toddler son, or searching for the perfect glass of rosé champagne. Lindsey believes that balance is the key to life.

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Caitlin Rose Kenney

PodBasics Ambassador

Caitlin Rose teaches yoga to satisfy the whole being and speaks about the physical practice as an access point for widespread change in mental patterns, emotional states, and connection to spirit. Caitlin Rose is known for holding space with a calm confidence that allows practitioners to move safely, feel their experience, revitalize and heal. Her gentle demeanor and articulate instructions aid students at any level to advance their ability for precision and graceful embodiment. She enjoys working with students new to yoga because a both the student and the teacher learn an extraordinary amount each other.